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I have installed it on our Windows 10 workstations as well as our server VMs running Windows Server 2012. I also like the custom updates it provides on backup status. It also lets you customize backup policies for each individual device to optimize utilization. I have been using Carbonite for Years and the Customer https://youtube-downloader.downloadsdb.com/ Service is 5 star and the software will auto backup all your data all day long just set it and forget it. Plus, experience shooting video with the GH5 on the road , more updates on Hedge backup software, and, of course, my thoughts on camera lenses, accessories, and all that stuff that makes the world go round.

Though it’s never happened, if an SD card does fail by chance, I have a second one already on hand to save the day. Also, when we break, say for lunch, I like grabbing one of the memory cards and slipping it into my wallet.

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  • I feel like the core software mechanics underpinning the system are well built.
  • It has always been able to detect a disk, and the retrieval of information is quick and painless.
  • You can even set it to send you a report (I’ve never tried this as it seems a little anal retentive for my needs).
  • Yoyotta offers three levels of verification after a backup has completed (none, quick, and full-checksum) and ejects the drive after finishing.

If, again by slim chance, my camera gets stolen I have a backup of all our hard-earned video footage in hand. Yes, it stinks to lose gear, but that’s what insurance is for… and no amount of that will recover your video footage if you don’t have backups. BillSoft is the fastest growing GST compliant billing software in India and comes with a very friendly user interface. Now manage your business with lightning speed using multi-core data engine from clients to sale, purchase to inventory, staff to expense. Druva Provides A single dashboard for Data availibility & Data Governance.

The company also hosts separate resources for documentation, how-to videos and forums. The centralized management console is easy to use and allows you to access all the backup management tools on one machine, over the internet or with a mobile app. You can use the management dashboard to manage all BackupAssist licenses, backup tasks and reports. The reports are easy to interpret, and you can add or remove machines with just a few clicks.

Just one guy’s informal experience with Hedge backup software. There’s a trial available if you want to give it a go, like I did, before committing. At the end of each day, I pop the SD card into a reader on my MacBook Pro. And Hedge does the rest — and provides me with a time remaining bar.

When I get back during a day of video shooting, time is almost always of the essence. Lugging around camera bodies, lenses, batteries, hard drives, stabilizers can take its toll. There’s batteries to charge, and loads of prep and mental anguish for what’s next. Finding the easiest and quickest way to offload my footage is of utmost important at this point. Preferably without inducing any sort of heart pain in the process.

You perhaps know the community version of Bacula which is free, but this review highlights the features present in the enterprise version, which has a wide range of plugins, and enterprise-level support. Reviews – Virtualization Software and reviews, Disaster and backup recovery software reviews. You can educate yourself on the product and backup practices with BackupAssist’s online resources, including a sitemap, news, testimonials and a blog.

You don’t need to be an IT expert to navigate this software and run backup sets. In addition, the resource footprint is very light on both the server side and the client side.

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